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By providing emotionally responsive care, we promote wellness, growth, and self-love, which helps individuals shift negative narratives, remove emotionally debilitating habits, and process unhealthy mindsets.


Our Mission

The NOIR Center offers safe therapeutic spaces for individuals of color by providing high-quality, reality-based therapies in a nontraditional way. Providing culturally responsive therapeutic experiences in such a way allows individuals to connect with therapists they can identify with. Ultimately, this will enable clients to permit themselves to be vulnerable and authentic versions of themselves.



To decolonize and destigmatize what it means to go to therapy by shifting the negative narratives or misinformation often associated with the therapeutic experience.  


Company Culture

At The NOIR Center, we believe in collaboration, Cultural Pride, Integrity, Growth, & Courage. We operate as a collective establishment of clinicians, healers, and champions for the clients we serve. These are the principles that govern the way we show up every day.


The focus is on our ability to deliver client-centered, quality services that are:

N = Nurturing

O = Objective

 I  = Intentional

R = Restorative


You Deserve The Luxury of Healing

Tag Line

Redefining The Luxury of Healing

Our Motivational Mantra

Wellness ◆ Elevation ◆ Balance

Our Focus

The NOIR Center is a collectively diverse group of therapists, coaches, healers, and practitioners. We seek to be unlike any other therapy practice or center out there. Being this is the case, it’s not easy to say we specialize in one particular thing. We are intentional about everything we do. However, if we had to pick one focus area, it would be our focus and dedication to providing a different therapeutic aesthetic to the clients that access our services, which means staying away from therapy as usual.

Noir in Color

It was essential to the visionary of The NOIR Center to be intentional about every aspect and detail that went into the development of The NOIR Center. Because of this, she selected colors reflective and relevant to NOIR’s mission and vision.

BlackThis represents the translation of our name, NOIR, and serves to honor and show gratitude to our ancestors who fought and overcame so that we could have this opportunity to pay the healing experience forward.

Gold = This represents the rich history of our people and is a reminder to us of how royal and deserving we are. Even when we don't believe it, the ability to heal is our right. The Luxury of Healing is your crown. 

Bluish Turquoise = This represents the spiritual part of ourselves that leans on wisdom to help guide us, which in the end fosters a sense of hope, clarity, and self-love.

Beige = This represents our ability to create a TRI atmosphere that is Tranquil, Relaxing, & Inviting… While we help you replace your CRY with our CRI. C.R.I stands for our ability to be Compassionate, Restorative, & Intentional with everything we do.

White = This represents purification of the therapeutic process and coming out of our dark places and spaces into the light.



A mistake with a message

I share this story with you to encourage you to give yourself permission to be human. 
As we were preparing for our opening and the company's expansion, we tasked a company to bring our vision to life. We were all so excited that we never realized that the word "Intuitive" was missing an "I". Some time had passed, and the expansion of the new brand had been printed and blasted everywhere. Not one person noticed or brought the missing "i" to our attention. It wasn't until I received a text from my book publisher with a screenshot and message that read, "intuitive is incorrectly spelled". At that moment, I began to panic. My mind became overwhelmed with thoughts. I began to question how people would now view the brand, calling up the company and having them correct it, pushing back the launch date, and so many other unhelpful thoughts. Quickly after, I reminded myself to take a breath. When I allowed myself to calm down, the idea to leave it as is fell in my spirit. I found that I could turn what I initially thought of as a mistake into a living lesson to illustrate how life goes at times.

This story reminds us that the healing and growth journey is not about perfection but our progress towards our identified goal and emotional wellness.

I could have changed it, but I believe that the message behind the imperfection of the logo will have an even more significant impact when it comes to reminding people to give themselves a little more grace and flexibility.
Leaving the imperfection in the logo also demonstrates our company's ability to show transparency and the authenticity of who we are and what we do. 

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